Titanium dioxide plays a significant role among color pigments. The product is used in many industrial fields. Different qualities of titanium dioxide must be taken into account for diverse application areas.

It serves as a brightener and based on its excellent refractive index, ensures high coverage and UV stability. In addition to its physical properties, titanium dioxide, as nanoparticles, offers chemical functions such as in photocatalytic coatings for self-cleaning of surfaces.

Examples of applications

The largest areas of use include paints and coatings, various plastic applications, and the paper industry, primarily in the field of decorative and specialty papers as well as wallpapers. Titan is also found in printing inks, rubber, ceramics, catalysts, textiles, and the construction industry. In addition to technical applications, TiO2 is used in the food industry, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

Uses and Applications

Key applications


Pulp and paper Solvents

Pharmaceuticals Skin care products Opacifier

Personal care

Beauty products

Building & Construction products Paint and Coatings



Pulp & Paper Pharma


Coatings & Construction Polymers

Cosmetics Food

Lubricants Rubber